Do you see colors well?

Some people are not able to see the differences between some or all colors that other people can distinguish. They see less shades of color and often falsely identify particular colors. These individuals suffer from a certain degree of color vision deficiency, or color blindness.

Persons with color vision deficiency may encounter serious difficulties when seeking a job. There are several jobs where proper color vision is a must. Imagine a colorblind person painting your house, coloring your hair, arranging flowerbeds in your garden or designing your webpage.

Proper color vision is especially important when you are driving or want to use a pedestrian crossing equipped with traffic lights.

Color vision deficiency is considered to be a hereditary disorder, mostly affecting men. Estimates vary but it is believed that about 6-8% of men suffer from some degree of color vision deficiency, while less than 1% of women is affected by this disorder.

On the next page you’ll find 10 images which may help you to assess whether you are able to see colors correctly.

So how to do the test ?

You can start by clicking on the link on the right side of this page, then:

  1. Read each plate.
  2. Record what you see on the plate in the square next to the plate.
  3. You’ll have 60 seconds to finish the test but you can turn the timer off.
  4. When you have finished reading all the plates click "Submit" and you will see which of the plates you read correctly.*

* If you do a test with the timer on after 60 seconds you will be automatically directed to the results page even if you do not click "Submit".

Remember, the following test is NOT a professional color vision test page. Our aim is simply to give you the possibility to read (or try to read) a few images which may be similar to some of those you would see when taking a professional test.

If after the test you suspect color vision deficiency you may want to contact an eye care specialist.