Multiple choice math quizzes

The following free online interactive math tests

  • are planned to make you have fun;
  • relatively simple word problems;
  • need just basic mathematical knowledge and common
  • help practice and test your math
  • improve your logical thinking;
  • are suitable for all ages;
  • are becoming more difficult from Level 1 to Level 3;
  • are printable after downloading in PDF format
  • You'll have a maximum of 10 minutes (600 seconds) to complete
    each test (but you can turn the timer off if you

How to do the tests

The quizzes are multiple choice tests and each question has only
one correct answer.


  1. Read the questions carefully.
  2. Try to solve the problem.
  3. Select the option that matches your answer.
  4. Click the circle next to it.
  5. Try to finish each test within 10 minutes but you can turn
    off the timer if you wish.
  6. When you have finished answering all the questions, then click "Submit" and
    you will see which of your answers were right and which were
  7. You can try to correct your false answers.

Good luck!

* If you do a test with the timer on after 10 minutes you will
be automatically directed to the results page even if you do not
click "Submit".

Printing the math quizzes

You will find an icon in each math test’s right upper corner.
You can download a printable version of the actual math quiz by
clicking on it.