Welcome to Egopont

In this website you can take free of charge:

  • basic math tests and practice your math skills online;
  • a hearing test so you may learn more about your audio range;
  • a color vision test and find out if you have color vision deficiency;
  • two reaction time tests; and a very special
  • vision test.

You will be able to do a lot more on our site soon.

The creators of this website would like to give you the opportunity to learn more about yourself from a number of completely different aspects (and have some fun while doing that).

We put together some "tests" which may (or may not) help you to assess your abilities and limitations and have a better understanding of yourself.

At first it may seem strange to put unrelated fields next to each other (like assessing your hearing range or taking, say, a few relatively simple math tests). Still, these seemingly unrelated issues are connected as each may reveal information to you about your own body or mind.

Please bear in mind that none of the "tests" are designed to be scientific in any way. We simply hope you’ll just have fun while browsing the site.

So try the "tests" and have a good time!

We’ll update the page regularly so keep checking back!

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